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Well, the OP appears to have the application, so its probably safe to assume he has Vista Business or Ultimate. No Windows Fax application, all the way back to At-Work Fax included with WFWG 3.11 has ever been able to use a stand-alone Fax machine to send and receive - today's multifunction units fall into that category, so they cannot be used to send/receive faxes through Windows without a manufacturer-supplied driver. The only hardware device Windows Fax applications have ever been able to use is an analog fax modem. Vista Fax and Scan is more robust and reliable than its predecessors, though its still not designed for anything more than casual faxing. For those with Vista Home or Basic, there are a number of alternatives:

Snappy Fax
FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5

I've seen reports that the free version of BVRP works with Vista also:
BVRP PhoneTools

Since the above comes bundled with new USR modems, I don't know if it will work with non-USR modems. You can also send Faxes via your Internet connection provided you are willing to pay for an Internet E-Faxing service:
Personal Fax Services - Internet Fax
FAQ: How can I send a fax from the Internet?

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Considering its predecessors, Vista Fax is considerably more robust and
stable. Do these faxes all originate from the same sender? I'm suspecting
a page resolution setting on the sending end if they do.

Just be Careful what version that you refer to.
The Home versions of Vista do not have Fax built in.
You can't even use the fax prgram from a HP mutlifunction unit with
inbuilt fax. There Fax program does not work in Vista Home Premium