Re: HP LaserJet CM1015 MFP re-install will not work

I re-installed the software from the HP website. The software seemed to
install successfully. The printing function works fine.

There is one catch. Unlike when I installed the software a year ago
from the CD, this installation did not put the "HP solution Center" on
my desktop. I cannot find the solution center anywhere. This is what I
always used to scan documents.

Now when I go to the printer and attempt to scan I get the message
"There is no TWAIN-compliant device installed. Please install one and
try again."

This seems to be a major improvement in the fact that the scanner and
PC recognize each other, but if I am understanding this correctly, my
computer doesn't have any software to open/save what I scan.

Is there a way to get the "HP Solution Center" (I tried installing from
the website a second time, but it tells me I already have the software
and gets stuck for awhile and then turns off) OR is there a free program
I can download that will allow me to scan.

Thanks for all of your help and patience!!


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