"Patrick C":


I wanted to thank you for your expert help with my problem.

I re-installed my printer on the host computer with a USB plug-in. I
re-downloaded a 64-bit Operating System printer driver on the routed,
"wireless," computer.

Then, I activated Print Sharing on both computers and followed the steps you
outlined in your last e-mail.


I can now print from both the host and routed, "wireless," computers.

"Patrick C" wrote:

It wouldn't hurt to download it again. I'm not sure about mixing 64 bit
driver and 32 bit shared printer but might as well give it a try. See if
you can add the printer on the routed(wireless) computer in the control
panel-printers-right click any where on the blank space below the printers
and run as administrator- add printer. Add network printer the printer
should appear in the list. Highlight it and select next, etc. I think it
asks if you want to use the current driver you can maybe try it if it
doesn't work give it the driver you downloaded.

"Ty McConnell" <TyMcConnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks, Patrick. This has been very helpful.

I'll uninstall, then reinstall with my CD-ROM disc. That's not a problem.
was thinking that's what I might have to do, anyway.

Just a note, though: I only have the printer installed on my host
not both. I just have a 64-bit printer driver installed on the routed
computer (the computer with the Windows Vista Premium 64-bit Operating
System). Is it ok to keep that driver, or do I have to go to the
manufacturer's website again after I've uninstalled from my host computer
then download the driver again into the routed computer?

"Patrick C" wrote:


I think you should uninstall the printer on both computers and start over
and get the printer to work on it's own computer again. You should find
uninstall program in the program folder for the printer or you may have
delete the printer in the control panel (select classic view left side of
control panel) then double click printers right select printer left click
then right click and -run as administrator- and delete.

Reinstall with Cdrom and make sure it works, Then go into control panel
run as admin. again select sharing and enable it. then try and add it on
wireless computer. It may need 64 bit driver, at least give it a try, you
probably will only be able to print from the wireless computer.

"Ty McConnell" <TyMcConnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, Patrick:

The first problem: My computer that is directly connected to my
printer will no longer print from any e-file on my PC (for example,
files or Internet Explorer files). Before I started trying to set up
my printer with my new routed computer, there was no problem doing
printer also still copies, scans, and faxes from hard copy.

Second problem: When I check on "Printer Status" before printing, I get
message that my computer doesn't recognize the port that's connected. I
I've reset my ports incorrectly on both computers. How do I know which
to choose?

I've already enabled Printer Sharing (Password Protected) in the
Discovery area. I've never been prompted to set a password for Pinter
Sharing. How do I set a password? Is it necessary to have a password.
are only two people using these two computers. We trust each other.

So, to sum up, I'd like to be able to print from e-files on my host PC

Also, I want to make sure that the port settings match on both my host
computer (Windows Vista Premium, 32-bit Op/ses) and my routed computer
(Windows Vista Premium, 64-bit Op/ses) so I can also print PC e-files
routed computer.

Does this help clarify my situation, Patrick?

"Patrick C" wrote:

Ty, I understand you have a Vista Home Premium connected to a printer
directly and it prints correctly? That you want to print to this
wirelessly from another computer running Vista Home Premium? On the
computer that's directly connected did you goto Start-Network- Network
Sharing Center (top of window)-and enabled Printer Sharing in the
and discovery area?

"Ty McConnell" <TyMcConnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

I've copied and pasted my e-mail from yesterday here:

Both my host computer and routed computer are using Windows Vista

I've been having many problems trying to share my printer with my
routed computer on a wireless network connection. I have
set up printer sharing and my default printer on both computers.

Problem 1:
Today, I find that I'm not able to print from my PC on my host
When I check
"Printer Status," I'm told that the status can't be displayed with
currenlly being used. What should I do to correct this?

Problem 2: (Related to Printer Sharing)
I'm going through the Microsoft document, "File and Printer Sharing
Windows Vista," again. I found a section, Common Questions with
File and Printer Sharing." I copied and pasted it here. This is
Windows Firewall:

"For network discovery of other computers running Windows Vista, you
allow the following incoming Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and
Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic:

UDP 3702

TCP 5357

TCP 5358"

OK, is this important for my being able to share my printer? If it
do I "allow" "TCP" and "UDP"? The Microsoft document doesn't tell

Any help would be much appreciated.


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