Re: Unable to print over a wireless network

When using the wireless connection between the notebook and the network, can you create and modify files on the computer to which the printer is attached?

MSMVP 1998-2007

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I have three computer connected via a network. I would like to print
using my wireless connection on my laptop when in another room. When
the printers are hard wired via the network any computer can print on
any printer. However, if I move the notebook to another room and try
to print over the wireless connection nothing happens. All of the
drivers for the three printers are installed on each of the computers
and I am able to print test pages. When I try to see the disk drives
on one computer from any of the others I am able to see the drives and
the folders below.

I tried the Windows Trouble shooter but still not able to send a
document from the notebook to my Epson R200 via the wireless
connection. I am able to see the Epson R200 printer that is connected
to my Vista computer.

Any help appreciated.