Re: Shared Printer Problem


1) Per your instructions, I've downloaded 64-bit printer drivers for my
routed computer.

2) Sorry, but you'll have to tell me how to set up file/printer sharing on
LAN, so I can be sure I've done it correctly.

"Malke" wrote:

Ty McConnell wrote:

One thing I guess I didn't make clear: BOTH computers are using Vista Home
Premium. The host computer has a 32-bit operating system. The routed
computer has a 64-bit operating system.

Also, I'm not using LAN. I have a wireless, routed connection supplied by

And, yes, printer drivers are installed on both computers.

Fine. You need 64-bit printer drivers for your Vista 64-bit operating
system. Get them from the printer mftr.

You *do* have a Local Area Network. It is created by the router. And you
still have to set up file/printer sharing on the LAN to print to a printer
connected to another computer, no matter what operating system it's

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