Network Fax Server software

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Joyfax Server is a designed client/Server-based application that
sending and receiving a fax more efficient, simpler and cheaper. With
the integration of Joyfax client and the Joy fax printer driver,
faxing from any standard application will be as easy as printing. Due
to the client rver architecture of Joyfax, all faxes are stored
centralized on the fax server.

Joyfax Server offers organizations the convenience of reducing costs,
saving time, and improving productivity by enabling users to send,
receive, and manage faxes directly from desktop and other business
applications (OA, CRM, and ERP).

Advanced features
User-friendly Interface
Cost reductions
Simple as faxing and fast as printing
Network-wide access from every workplace
Automatic fax forwarding
Build-in database engine
Fax broadcasting
Perfect security management

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