Re: Vista slow deleting, moving and copying files?

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Ken Blake, MVP;3790158 Wrote:
On Sun, 8 Jun 2008 20:40:51 +0530, Kika <Kika.3aoznd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium on an HPw1907. If more specs
needed, let me know. I do have sp1 as well.

When I first got my computer, all was dandy. THEN, I did my windows
updates as scheduled and one day (uncertain when, but not long after
purchased the machine in February) I preformed a very simple task of
changing a file name. It locked my computer for a good 1 to 1.5
minutes until finally the name was changed. Also, when I try to move
or delete files and folders it takes an extremely long time to
- and as many others described...the little nagging window stating
long it's going to take to change, move or delete a tiny file like
instance, notepad.

I have searched the internet desperately for some fix to this, but
found none that have worked. I have tried all on this forum that
apply to me to no avail. Is this something that I just have to deal
with or is there some sort of "fix" or "work-around" available?

Performance problems these days are very often caused by malware
infection. What firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware applications do
you run?

I would begin troubleshooting by going to MVP Malke's malware removal
site at and
following the instructions there.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
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This is a brand new machine. I have mcaffee on both machines and I
moved my files to a share that took about an hour which is terrible but
then I tried to move the files from c:\ftpex to ftpex\documents and it
said it was going to take over 9 hours. I am only talking about 4 gig
worth of data. I am already on service pack 2. This performance is
horrible. Doing the same thing on xp took less than 5 mins. My
hardware on the new box should be twice as fast as it is brand new out
of the box. Even deleting a few files took over 20 mins.

You are replying to a message I wrote almost two years ago?

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) since 2003
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