Re: Defrag doesn't work

I think Alex's point was that you originally typed HHD, not HDD :-)

"Ǝиçεl" <l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:B1ACAB65-1CCA-4D87-BC1E-15C908E24618@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Alex,

If your HDD ( H ard D isk D rive) is running perfectly, that doesn't mean
it's going to stay that way forever!

Check your hard disk for errors ...

Good luck

"Alex" wrote:

If you mean my hard drive C, it's got 391 GB free of 451 GB.
Thanks, Alex

"Ǝиçεl" wrote:

> How much free space is in the HHD ?
> -=-
> "Alex" wrote:
> > After functioning properly since I got a new computer with 64-bit > > Vista
> > nearly a year ago, the defragmenter now does its "spinning" for about > > 5
> > minutes and indicates: "Your file system performace can be improved. > > It is
> > recommended that you defragment now."
> >
> > When I click on "Defragment now..." it spins again for about 5 > > minutes and
> > repeats the same message. This repeats each time.
> >
> > Any advice?
> > -- > > Thanks, Alex


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