Re: old mail

I also searched for 'indexed locations" and the folder that came up on my
Vista x64 had tons of old e-mails and newsgroups posts and just about
everything that had been done on the computer dating back to 2001 although I
bought the pc last year new. I figured out that if you select any item you
want to delete then click 'File' then 'Move To Folder' then move these items
to the 'Recycle Bin' then you can delete them from there. My questions are:
Is it safe to just select everything in this folder and delete them? Will it
cause any problems to delete all these items? I thought when you deleted
something it wouldn't be so easy to retrieve them. There's nothing
embarassing or illegal in the folder, it's just when I delete something I'd
like it to be 'more gone' than that.
thanks for any input,

"R. C. White" wrote:

Hi, Bill.

Please tell us again - more explicitly - WHERE you see these files. The
full pathname, please. I don't have any folder with that name in either
Win7 or Vista.

The phrase "indexed file locations" turns up plenty of hits on Bing, but the
first half-dozen or so are YOUR post in several different "forums" (soft32,
vistaheads, windowskb, etc.). You didn't post to those forums, of course,
but they all "slurp" messages from these Microsoft public newsgroups to make
their own sites look busier and more expert - and to increase their revenue
from click ads.

There might be something useful in this MSDN link:

But my only thought is what I posted earlier: Vista did not keep those old
files. The files are gone, but the Indexing Service hasn't yet caught up
and still shows them as present. And you didn't answer my two questions:
How old is "old"? And how recently were those files deleted?

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
Microsoft Windows MVP
Windows Live Mail 2009 (14.0.8089.0726) in Win7 Ultimate x64

"Bill Walsh" <wwalsh7740@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thanks for replying. However, that is not my puzzlement. It is this: Why
does Vista keep these old files that I intentionally deleted? When I
delete emails, I use the "shift delete" option. A message box appears and
asks "do you want to permanently
delete this (these) message? I click on the yes option. So why does vista
not let the mesage go away forever? BW
"R. C. White" <rc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, Bill.

How old is "old"? And how recently were those files deleted?

The indexing service works only in the background so that it doesn't
interfere with what we are doing in the foreground. If we keep the
computer busy and are careful to shut it down as soon as we are finished,
it might not get enough "down time" to keep the index up to date. A lag
of several hours - or even several days - is not unusual for a
hard-working system. Until it has a chance to catch up, it might report
that some deleted files are still there, or that some moved files are
still in their old locations - or other mistakes.

You might want to leave the computer running during your lunch break - or
even overnight. You can turn off the monitor, but leave the system
running so that background tasks can continue.


"Bill Walsh" <wwalsh7740@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In the folder "indexed file locations" there are a lot of old emails I
thought were deleted from my system. When I try to delete one of them,
there is no option for delete in the menu. How can I get rid of the old
emails as none of them have any importance to me? Thanks..BW



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