Re: Windows XP Home Lockup & shutdown problem.

Thanks Questor I use Vista so had inadvertendly placed question in Vista forum.

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A friend who has Windows XP Home running on his machine has had several problems in the past week with lockups and not shutting down. He has run Chkdsk and no errors were found. He ran his virus checker ( Avast ) and again no errors were found. He used the Restore program and successfully restored his computer which resulted in the lockups while running from occurring again, but his computer will now not shutdown. He reverts to shutting it down manually, which I explained can cause more problems.
I told him he should have tried the safe mode option to restart in the last good configuration first but at that point he had already used Restore. I have e-mailed him the Microsoft article:
Is there any other things he could try?
I will attempt to try and help him today and any constructive instruction would be appreciated.

There are several good ideas here, but you might want to ask this question in the XP newsgroup also: