Re: Can't install Vista SP2

Charles W Davis;1187415 Wrote:
Club member's computer. Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit. When I first
picked it up, no shortcut link to a program would work. I drilled down
the executible files; winword.exe, excel.exe, iexplore.exe and then
click. The error message went something like this: "This file does not
a program associated with it from performing this action. Create an
association in the Set Associtation Control Panel." There was no way
"restore to a previous... No dice. After a post or search, I came
this page:
'File association fixes for Windows Vista'

With a start up disk, was able to solve that problem.

Disk Cleanup removed 2.45MB. Uninstalled Trend Micro (subscription had
expired a year ago!) Installed and updated AVG 9 Free ran a complete
scan -
nothing. I installed Malwarebytes and it found one insignificant
cookie. I
went to Windows Update, the first update offered was Service Pack 1. It
installed. I downloaded and attempted to install Service Pack 2. Error
0x8004100a with a link to a web page that offered several means of
installing the service pack; Windows Update -- found a few
updates, download the SP2 installation file which I had already done,
so I
did it again. No dice.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Follow to below article to resolve issue:'Error message when you try to
install updates in Windows Vista, and the installation may fail: