Re: Vista stuck on Welcome Screen

Hi, Kargie.

You haven't told us what computer resources you have or how adept you are at using them.

If it were my problem, I probably would just take that HD out of the laptop and install it temporarily in my desktop computer - just long enough to copy all my irreplaceable photos and other data off it onto my desktop's HD or other safe storage. Then I'd put the HDD back into the laptop and try to resurrect it. My first effort would be to run the drive maker's diagnostics to see if the drive has actually failed. Since it is only a year old, it SHOULD be covered by a warranty.

But, then, I've never had a laptop, so maybe this is not as easy as for the desktops I've used.

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"Kargie" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:d3c0e90073bfea7ae610bf59dfd35b45@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi guys,

Earlier today my Fujitsu-Siemans laptop crashed whilst doing windows
updates installation. Now it won't boot. Before it took it over
20mintues to get past the green scrolling bar bit and then it got stuck
on welcome. Tried booting it in safe mode, and the same thing happens.

For some reason the damn thing has no system restore points and alot of
things that are important to me (my photos) are stuck on it. I really
don't want to use the Fujitsu-Siemens restore factory settings option,
as it says this will cause the loss of personal data.

The machine is about a year old and I was wondering if there was anyway
I could possibly fix this/get my stuff off.