Re: Lightscribe problems

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Hi, I am experiencing lightscribe problems, I have recently had a new hard
drive fitted by H.P and when the laptop came back it was perfect for a week.
Then when I go to label a disc the lightsribe program just freezes and stops
I have tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it but it is still
the same.
I have also tried another labelling program that is on my laptop but this
does the same thing. I need some help please
my hp g70 macine is running vista home premium.

regards Pat
p.s. everything else seems to work, also the drive says that it is working

Can you still create CD's with the drive? If so, my guess is the Lightscribe drive is going belly-up for the labeling part.
Have you tried the software from Lightscribe:

I gave up on the other labeling programs and use the Lightscribe Template Labeler. There are plenty of pre-made templates available, and even those can be edited.

SC Tom