Re: Phantom CD Drive

I had a problem with a phantom K: drive.
Pat Garard described it perfectly.

The K: drive wasn't displayed in device manager or disk manager,
although the letter was reserved in disk manager and I couldn't use it.

Thinking this was a problem with a USB device I uninstalled all these
devices, unplugged everything and restarted the computer. The devices
were all rediscovered, and the K: drive didn't go away.

I had none of the DVD playing/recording software or other software
others have reported causing this sort of issue.
I have a EXT2 file system driver, but that wasn't the reason either.

I think I hit the computer with a hammer exactly twice. The K: drive
didn't go away.

I deleted all the entries under HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices and
restarted the system. The K: drive was gone. Afterward I had to re-map
some USB drives but that was all.

Hope this works for you.