Re: HIgh RAM-----slow PC

OK guys, thanks for the help. I removed Ramboost and ran all the malware
stuff that was recomended. I used a purge software that erased many temp
files helped for a few days but went back to the headacke. It
starts fine and a few hours later slows down painfully. I will try IE
but I have many addons in fox that I need like Zotero etc.....i do not
understand I cannot use fox on my computer while the whole world uses
1G of ram for fox I mean is that normal anywhere? I have had
situations like this before and formatted the hard drive and things were
fine for a good while. I do not see anybody recomending that, is it
useless with this Vista mess? I will reset the things i remember I
changed but this is not right. I have scanned this pc like there is no
tomorrow, stopped many startup files. Is W7 much better than this crap?
thanks again..........before I throw this at the wall and rest......

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