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Hi Ernst,
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Rick Rogers;3627868 Wrote:
Hi Ernst,

To expand C: into that free space, it must be contiguous and at the end
C:, not the beginning or behind D:. In short, you should see in Disk
C:, free space, then D:. If not, then you will need to move or slide
volumes around to accomplish this. A volume can only be expanded into
space that is physically located immediately after it. This operation
be done with Vista's drive tools, they can only shrink or expand, you
need a
third party one like Acronis' Disk Manager or terabyteunlimited's
BootIT NG.

Best of Luck,

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"Ernst Kessler" <ErnstKessler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
Hi experts
I have a Vista Ultimate laptop with drive C: 76GB NTFS basic for
drive D: 15GB NTFS basic for my data and 14GB not allocated. C: is
and I
would like to expand the size. The 14GB resulted from a reduction of
D: I
assumed it will be added automatically to C: But all wrong!!
How can I proceed to enlarge C:?

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