Re: System Restore and Missing Links

peter wrote:

I have a one week old HP with Vista Premium x64. I have not made the
system restore disks yet. Been busy sorting out software problems

I have the following problems:

Control panel will not open on the start menu or through explorer when I
click on it. The subdirectories will open when I click on the carrot on
the left of control panel in explorer.
FreeCell.exe will not run.
System restore will not find a restore point. It is not working properly.
" The volume shadow service used by system restore is not working. For
more information view the event log.(0x81000202)

All the other software I have check is operating. Firefox is a little
balky even without addins.

1. Make the recovery disc set *now*.

2. Since the system is new, restore it to factory condition. Once restored,
uninstall unwanted/obsolete/trial software. If McAfee or Norton came
preinstalled, replace it with Avast or Avira (free versions). Update to
Service Pack 2 if necessary. If the computer misbehaves, contact HP tech
support or take it back to where you bought it for immediate replacement.

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