Re: Where's my serial port?

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Here is an explanation and a picture of a serial port. Look at your
machine whether you have one of those. Usually they are present.
Very few new machines come with a serial port these days. Some
have a header on the motherboard but no cable to the outside
of the case. You have to buy a header-to-DB-9 cable.

Tom Lake

Thanks. So if I buy this cable, where, on my notebook, do I plug it

I don't think you really want the answer: on the notebook motherboard.

This would mean you have to open the case and search for a header that may (or may not) be there. I think Tom was thinking desktop. I peeked into my desktop and did indeed find a header marked COM1. It was a 10-pin DIP header (two rows of 5 pins).

I doubt very much if you would find one on your notebook motherboard even if you opened it up.

I'd still go with a USB to COM cable.