Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: New Microsoft Forums!

I have no complaint as far as effectiveness of But to be fair to Leroy.........
Partial quote from Leroy..... " ..... without any nonsense or disruptive trolls....."
If you don't know what he was referring to, please have a look at Windows.Vista.General newsgroup.
I have just unsubscribed that one.

"Malke" <malke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OY$BvzbTKHA.504@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Leroy wrote:

For those desiring a professional environment without any nonsense or
disruptive trolls, visit the new Microsoft Forums:

And who are you? Why should people go to the web forum instead of here?
Certainly it's another venue for free tech support, but you give the
impression that you're chasing people away and that they'll get no answers
here, which is certainly not the case.

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