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Hi Andrew,

The maximum "address space" for Vista is 4 giga that includes all memory
physically installed (drivers, graphic card, etc..) .
Going to 8 giga will not help.

That is not correct. The 4GB limitation (and you can't actually use
the entire 4GB anyway) is for *32-bit* client versions of Windows.
Since he will run the 64-bit version, there is no such limitation.

Whether the applications that he runs can make effective use of 8GB is
another question entirely, and it's possible that he will see no
improvement by having 8GB instead of 4.

That's right. Unless he's running Photoshop CS4 in 64 bit
mode with multiple large bitmaps open simultaneously, or
another similar application, 8GB won't be used. It's a waste
with 32 bit apps as most can't address more than 2GB of
memory, and most that are large address aware are limited
to 3GB. When 64 bit apps become the norm, this will
change, but all our present systems will probably be
obsolete by then.

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Hello, i have a quick question just to clarify something.

I apologize in advance for any confusion over terms.

When i bought my system it came with 4 gigs and Vista Home Premium x64.
I had many compatibility issues with games and programs so i then put
Ultimate 32bit on it. Now i would like to put another 4gigs of ram on
system and just wanted to make sure that it would accept more. I plan
putting windows 7 x64 on it shortly. It has enough slots for 8gigs of
ram and was originally a 64bit system. It appears okay to me but i
like some assurance :).

Thanks, Andrew


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