Re: Low performance - High spec

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Hi there, I'm looking for ideas why my computer is not fully utilizing
the resources. I have a Core i7 920 with 12GB Corsair RAM.

For example of the low resource utilization, I am currently unzipping
10 Virtual machine RARs (so several GB apiece) yet the CPU utilization
is only 15% and only 2GB RAM. It's not struggling or anything, I can do
plenty of other tasks without any problems but it doesn't seem to be
consuming the resources it should or performing as it should. The unzip
actions are going to take hours.

I'm fully defragged (reg and disk) and cleaned up. Plenty of disk
space. about 200GB left on the OS Partition and 600GB free on the
"stuff" partition

Any ideas while I'm tooling around with the vista performance monitor



The i7 has 4 cores, 0 through 3, and each core has 2 HT units,
0 & 1. HT doesn't increase the processing power of a core.
It allows for more efficient processing of HT aware processes
by better thread scheduling.

Your unzipping application is probably not designed for multicore,
or HT processing, so it's using a single HT unit at 100%, resulting in
a total CPU utilization of about 15%. I don't see much benefit from
HT, so I have it disabled in BIOS. Try disabling HT in BIOS. That
may allow you to use 100% of a full core, resulting in 25% CPU

Re your memory usage, 32 bit Windows memory mapping allows
2GB of virtual memory space for apps, and 2GB for the OS. As
a result, most 32 bit apps can only utilize 2GB of memory. The
32 bit apps that can utilize 3 or 4GB of memory are large address
aware, and have a header to that effect in the program code,
which will flag 64 bit Windows to allocate more memory to the