Re: upgrading to 8gigs

He is going to install the x64 version of Win7 which will easily accomodate 8GB of ram. The limitation is in the 32-bit (x86) version.

Best of Luck,

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Hi Andrew,

The maximum "address space" for Vista is 4 giga that includes all memory physically installed (drivers, graphic card, etc..) .
Going to 8 giga will not help.


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Hello, i have a quick question just to clarify something.

I apologize in advance for any confusion over terms.

When i bought my system it came with 4 gigs and Vista Home Premium x64.
I had many compatibility issues with games and programs so i then put
Ultimate 32bit on it. Now i would like to put another 4gigs of ram on my
system and just wanted to make sure that it would accept more. I plan on
putting windows 7 x64 on it shortly. It has enough slots for 8gigs of
ram and was originally a 64bit system. It appears okay to me but i would
like some assurance :).

Thanks, Andrew