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Pete Zahut wrote:
Rick Rogers wrote:

Hi Rick,

She's at work at the moment so I can't ask her but here's what I can
tell you:

What type of network?

It's a Sony Viao laptop and is the only computer in the house. She
wants to use it wirelessly to get on the internet. However, whether
we try an ethernet cable directly into the router or try wireless, we
can't get it to change from "Local Only" to "Local and Internet".

Was it working before?

Yes. It's about 18 months old and has been working well until a recent
change of ISP (from ADSL broadband to cable broadband. Cable modem is
connected by ethernet cable to the WAN connection of a Netgear
wireless router.

At this point it I should perhaps tell you that I took my laptop to
her house and it connects and gets on the internet without any
problems whatsoever, so there's no problem with the ISP-side of
things. The internet "is there" and can be used on my XP-based
machine. I also brought her laptop to my house and could not connect
to the internet, still having the "Local Only" problem as opposed to
"Local and Internet".
Did she update nic drivers?

I can definitely say that it would never occur to her to update nic
drivers and she wouldn't know how to do it anyway.

Any other updates?

I don't know, but would assume normal Windows updates are done

Thanks for your help Rick.


Sorry to reply to my own post but I should have also said that I actually
*did* get it working at one point but (a) I tried so many things that I
can't remember what I did to get it working, and (b) on rebooting, it was
back to not working again :o(


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"Pete Zahut" <dont@bother> wrote in message
A friend asked me to help, but as I'm an avid XP fan and haven't
gone over to Vista, I've no idea so I'm hoping someone here can
help. Vista Home Premium (IIRC) and she can't get on the internet. I had
look and it seems that there's a choice of network, ie, Local Only
or Local and Internet. Her's is stuck on Local Only and shows a red
X between the diagram of a router and the globe. We have no idea how
to change it to allow internet, but hopefully someone here does?