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What problem? What you are seeing is quite normal. Vista, like previous versions of Windows, tries to utilize available memory whereever it can. In fact, if you aren't using all 2GB of your system memory, then that is wasted memory. When other processes require memory, the OS should release lower priority processes to it. Think of it like having x number of seats in your home. If you only have x-2 people using them, then the difference is wasted (unused) seating (space). When x+2 people show up, the most important x people get your attention while the +2 receive less, if they even need it at all.

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"alyx" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4cae6d41eb3c80af40a0fa2ab9af7160@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi everybody,
At the moment I've installed Vista Ultimate x64 Sp2 and on the task
manager I see that the system is using about 1.1 gig of my memory. I
disabled all of the fancy features of vista and using Vista classic
theme. Does anybody have the same problem?

ps. I've 2 gig of ram and quad core processor.