RE: Restore files to new user location after Vista reinstall.

To make Vista access your old profile instead of the new one it's created,
you need to modify the ProfileImagePath entry for your useraccount, in the
(You will also need to reassign ownership of the folder to your new account)

Note that you should do this by modifying your account to point to the
existing location, not by renaming or moving the existing folder, which may
give rise to trouble with programs which expect files to be in a specific

"Steve" wrote:

I re-installed my Vista Home Premium and did not create the exact same
computer and user names I had before. I restored my user files, but they
went to a folder that I cannot access (even from my new Admin account).

How can I run file restore to my new username on the newly installed machine
(HP DV2517 laptop) ?

Thanks for any guidance. Steve.