Re: Vista sleep/wake problem

atplum;201863 Wrote:
After I put my computer to sleep, which happens fine, the cpu wakes up
itself in my bag and goes to critical battery mode. I have found the
for wake up, using event viewer, to TCP/IP network program waking the
when it detects that the cpu has moved out of a network I was using
before I
put the cpu to sleep. It does not happen when I leave the cpu in one
network, for example at home.
From event viewer (reason for wakeup): TCP/IP, The system detected
network adapter Wireless Network Connection was connected to the
network, and
has initiated normal operation. then it wakes up.
Any suggestions to disable this task from happening when a new network
detected or a network is left.

Have you tried Start/Control Panel/System and Maintenance/System/Device
Manager/Network Adapters/Your Network Adapter/Wake-Up Capabilities


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