HIgh RAM-----slow PC

Hi I looked for posts dealing with RAM and had trouble finding, I
thought everybody had problems with slow PCs.........

Now i need some advice please I have a Vista that is 1 1/2 years old
and it had become really slow. RAM is high even when all applications
are off and Firefox can use up to 1GB of memory and I have 2G/, I used
software like RAMboost and did the long OnceCare scan with MCS,
defragmented drives, increased the memory that can be used as RAM on the
hard drive. etc.....many things recommended. still same nothing is
changed after a short while.....

Is reformatting and bringing back to how it was when I bought my only
And should Firefox take a bloody 1 GB of RAM alone? I checked the
processes in task manager and it seems I need all of them
somehow..........and if that was the case if I reformat then wouldn't
the same thing happen again?


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