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Oh ?
Please elaborate.
My sister does not have WLM, only WM. But her laptop comes with built-in webcam. So, what should I do and what does she have to do ? She is using Vista Home premium, WM.

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Vista Home Premium, SP2, WLM 14.0.0726

Not sure which newsgroup to post this :
I intend to install a webcam on my laptop in order to keep in touch with my sister far away.
What do I need to know ? Do I have to activate another program i.e. messenger ?
When I installed my WLM, I did not install Messenger and other related programs.
I need to know enough to tell my sister who knows even less.
Thank you.

You can always use Skype. It's a freebie. I've used it to connect to my brother in NC, my step-kids in NH and MA, and my nephew in TX. Works pretty well.

SC Tom

Install and use Microsoft Windows Live Messenger with your webcam. Have your sister install the same program.

You don't have to install any software that came with the webcam for video communication.


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In the main messenger window - where you sign in:

To the right of the search window you will find an icon that allows you to activate the menu bar. In the menu bar go to tools | audio and video setup. Start the process. Have your sister do the same, after she downloads the latest version of Windows Live Messenger.

When you are both online, double click on her name. The message window will appear. Now click on the video button at the top to initiate the video call.

Simple really!


Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP
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