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My Gateway came with software to activate the cam, but it required separate software to connect to others. That's why I needed something like Skype. Your camera software may differ. Check your manual or the manufacturer's web site and see what they recommend.

SC Tom

"t-4-2" <dhuang1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uGrFJMIRKHA.4580@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ok, here is what I need to know FOR SURE.
I know all webcams come with a program to install. What I need to know is
>>> do I need another program installed in order to communicate with my
sister. All we need is to be able to talk and see each other via the webcam.
Do I need program such as Skype ? Thank you.


"Lee" <lbray5032@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:m%Qxm.50153$Dk1.32831@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I just installed a Logitech web cam 9000 and it was easy to install
bought off relatively inexpensive a $69.00 and use the
programs that came with it. The Logictech Vid program was easy to
set up and works just great. Have not tried the Skype program and
all of this is on Vista. Best to have your sister or friends get
the same camera if possible, my sister has the model 500 and she has
great connection with me also. Works great and does what they say.
Good Luck!

Lee (in Florida)
Georgie Boy Cruise Master


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