Re: Weird sleep problem!!!!

Hi . :), thanks for the reply.

Yes, I had found that first off in my troubleshooting the original problem
of my systems not sleeping. That is how I got them to sleep in the first
place. Now however I've developed that other problem described in my first
post. Any other comments welcomed as I'm still stumped. :(

"." wrote:
Look at the third troubleshooter on the page.
"DirtyDawg" <DirtyDawg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ok, for the longest time I wasn't able to get any of my computers to go
sleep mode. Now that I've found the answer sifting through these
forums/posts and it is functioning now, I've developed another problem
that I
cannot see anywhere in the forums. Although the computers will sleep now,
HAVE to set "Automatic" sleep mode for around 5 mins, otherwise it WILL
WORK. I cannot get them to sleep using the sleep buttons or any other way
that the system has been set up for sleep. Only the "Automatic" timing
and it has to be set for 5 mins or less. Can someone explain to me what
be happening here? Thanks.