Re: Volume and Network Icons Dissappear

My network and volume icons are missing too all of a sudden. My text to
speech for MS Reader also stopped functioning. I was having to uninstall the
text to speech and reinstall everytime I opened the Reader program but at
least it would work. Now even the uninstall and reinstall don't get it to

Earlier today my Verbose on my PC also stopped working and it said it
couldn't find any speech engine. I downloaded and installed a new speech
engine and finally have Verbose working again although I no longer have the
MS Default Female voice that I liked and was using.

My Laptop, which is the one I'm referring to, is only 2 months old too.
It's a dell running Vista 32 bit. I really liked having the text to speech
function in Reader since my eyes are not that good. I noticed that the fix
recommended earlier in this thread was for Vista 64 bit. Will this also work
for my PC? And does anyone have any insight into the speech issue? Any help
would be appreciated. Thanks.

"Questor" wrote:


I re-started the laptop from a cold start and, sure enough, the boxes
were greyed out again (and the icons were missing). I ran the 'show
icons' registry file and the boxes appeared, I checked them, hit Apply,
and the icons appeared. So, it looks like those two files were what I

I really didn't like killing explorer and restarting it, plus rebooting
is such a hassle. What really bothers me is WHY this is happening and
keeps happening. It started about a month ago after one of those update
sessions MS is so fond of (4 or 5 updates but you have to shut down your
computer while it does the actual update ["Do not shut your computer
off..."]). Usually, after one of those sessions, something or other
will go wrong.

Thanks again


You're welcome Questor. Please keep us informed.

Questor;1142059 Wrote:
Thanks, Shawn. Those two 'hide/show' registry files just might do the
trick. Next time it happens I'll see.


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Hello Questor,

You might see if this may be able to help.
Hope this helps,

Questor;1142012 Wrote:> > > > >
Virtually every time I start up my new laptop (Vista Home Premium
SP2) I
have to screw around booting and rebooting until the two icons for
Volume and Network appear in my notification area.

I first tried going to the Properties tab of Notification Area, but
checkboxes for Volume and Network were, for some reason, greyed out.
Sometimes, not always though, I can "ungrey" them by continual
until they appear. When they do, I check them and verify that the
have indeed appeared.

The very next time I start up my computer I have to go through all
contortions yet again to bring the checkboxes back.

What the heck is going on? Is there some sort of Registry entry I
make to avoid having to keep rebooting?

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