Re: vista freezes

Try replacing the mouse.


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my pc spec
amd am2x2 4600+athlon dual core
gigabyte ga-m57sli -s4
pioneer dvr 215bk215 sata 20xdual layer
vista home premium 32bit dvd oem
hitachi 320gb harddrive hdt72132sla scsi disc device
dane-elec 1024800r ddr2 1024mb 800 mhz x2 2 gb
400 watt power supply
graphics xpert vision 183207 1024mb 8600gt super gddr-hdtv-dual dvi

this pc is 10 months old, build by a local shop,this pc must of crashed
some where between 50-70 times in this period after about 2 months of
getting it it started to crash ,lots of blue screens ,so i took it back
they had it for 3 weeks,after getting it back they said they changed the
memory and updated the bios ,it worked fine for another 3 months ,then
it started getting freezes ,if you moved the mouse across the desktop it
would just freeze ,i would have to press the reset button to get it
going again,this was happening for a few month ,then it start getting
worse,to the point of pressing the reset button then being left with a
error message code,the only way i got passed this was to use disc for
the repair option,ive taken it back to the shop another two times ,once
for a fresh reinstall this lasted half a day before another three
freezes ,two of these just moving the mouse over the desktop again,the
other trying to install my printer driver,next restart ended in another
error message,on my last visit it the shop they replaced the harddrive
the the power supply, ive been using it two days now it seems a little
bit more stable but ive still had two more freezes again moving mouse
over desktop ,please advice needed what can i done to make this more
stable and stop these freezes thanks for your time:mad: