Re: winlogon.exe corrupt file issue...can't run chkdsk

mywildphoenix wrote:
This might be long as I've trying to research this on my own for a few
days now.

I got this error message a few days ago saying that my file or
directory for windows/cursors was corrupt or unreadable. Please run
chkdsk utility. The computer still boots into windows with no apparent
issue and I can still use the comptuer completely without problems. The
issue I'm having is that it wants me to run chkdsk. It tells me chkdsk
cannot run and that I need to rerun it on start up. When I restart the
computer after scheduling it to run on startup, the computer starts and
does nothing. It goes into the welcome screen after I have signed into
my profile and hangs there. I've left it as long as 2 hours with no
change. To make it stop, I manually shut the computer off which I don't
think is the best way to go about handling this! I've tried using the
"cmd" prompt and have gotten the same thing. I also have the recovery
discs that came with the computer from ASUS for "windows vista recovery
media for windows vista products 64 bit". I have read through some of
the threads here looking for info and it all points to me needing to
repair windows, but can't find that prompt anywhere. I can't get the
disc to load either.

What do I do at this point?

If it helps, I have an ASUS notebook N80Vb series with Intel Core 2Duo
CPU t6400@xxxxxxxx My system type is 64bit with windows vista home
premium. I do only have service pack 1.

What do I do at this point? What caused this?

Open the Command Prompt from the Orb/all programs/accessories, BUT right click on it and select 'Run as admin'.

The type in at the cursor


Assuming C is your Drive with the OS on it. Note space after the K and the :

It will say it has to run at start-up, click yes and then re-boot.

It can take up to 4 hours to do a 350 Gb Hard Disk, but you will see it working away in the command prompt window.

Assuming it runs to the end. and after a successful restart, run the sfc /scannow again, this time it should complete

If you are not a Newbie, you may like to download a recovery disk from here

You need access to a Torrent connection though.

The point of this recovery disk, is you can access a command prompt and run CHKDSK with /R/F parameters in basically a safe mode. Saves having to carry around a Vista disk, if you are on a Laptop