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The graffitti children are still at work. They play GAMES, and think
they are geniuses.

Even negative advice from me is helpfull advice. It stops people
wasting their time doing tests that I have done already.

SWITCH OFF THE UPDATES. They corrupt the system. The proof is that
updates are "configured" from the Internet even when the machine if
off line.

DO NOT USE THE UPDATES. They do not work. They have "updates to enable
future updates". Because they are updates, they only work on a machine
that is already repaired.

Further advice: an old Xitami server may enable the DOS window to
maximise, as it did with me. A server is not a repair tool, yet this
one does cause a minor repair.

Further advice: There is nothing wrong with the hardware of all the
computer manufacturers on Earth. Asus, Dell, NVIDIA, Samsung and the
rest are not guilty, no matter what Microsoft may say. The KEYBOARD
debounce, and the MOUSE debounce are set too short. This makes the
system "twitchy". It behaves as if it had a dry joint - on ALL

The showoffs consider that their malice is "help". It is not. It is
uninformed twaddle.

I can report that the bugs go right through to system level, as proven
by my experience with Function 66. I can report that the White House
rejects Vista. I can report the Mary Jo Foley and Chris Crum both
condemned the system as annoying. I can report that it affects the 32-
bit system, the 64-bit system and the XP "upgrade".

Only yesterday I was talking to another expert. I wanted to know the
details of Apple, because I am thinking of deserting Microsoft systems
completely. He confirmed that Apple is stable, with a Unix-based core.
He suggested that I buy a computer with Vista, and ask the shop
specifically to "DOWNgrade" it to XP. I had not solicited this advice,
but if you are buying a new computer, it is good advice.

Just typing "Vista Updates" into Google shows a list of at least
120,000 pages. Examining many of those pages reveals that vast numbers
of people are discussing "Vista problems".

"Vista Problems" can be used as a search-string, too.

Vista problems are real.

The opinions of the Anoraks are not.

Charles Douglas Wehner

At least you give people here reason to chuckle. The usual trolls are just plain insulting..

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