Re: does this make sense?

neurosynthetic;925025 Wrote:
hmm, but isnt the green space in jdiskreport the restore?, thats only
like 3GB which is where i am confused, + doesnt it only use about 15-30%
of your HDD for restoring. and I have defragmented my computer + used

No, if your hard drive is 230 gigabytes... then System Restore using
possibly up to *30*%, it could take away 70 gigabytes from usable space.
..30 x 230= *69*.

230 - 69 = 161 gigabytes

If recovering this space is important to you, for you to be able to use
it, why haven't you done the steps in Disk Cleanup?? Defragging and
using ccleaner isn't going to give you back this space, only using Disk
Cleanup in the tutorial. After you use Disk Cleanup, the space will
slowly start being used up again, which you would then use Disk Cleanup

You have 175 gigabytes free already, why do you need more space?


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