Re: question on limited network speed

"Debbie Graham" <jgraham1@xxxxxxxxxxxx> kirjoitti
I have my pc on a router so I can access my laptop. Just bought a new
network adapter that is supposed to run at 108mbps but Vista only says
54mbps. I have been talking with Netgear and they said Vista has
limitations but don't know weather it's just not showing 108 or it is
actually only running at 54mbps. I like to know why Vista would do that
and how can it be fixed? Did I just waste $60.00 on an adapter that will
only run as fast as the one I already had in my laptop because Vista will
only let it run at 54mbps?


And your router is what? Capable of what? And the speed it can handle?
Unless all parts of a network can handle higher speeds (108Mb/s?), they will
fall back to a common maximum speed (54Mb/s?)...

Thomas Wendell
Helsinki, Finland
Translations to/from FI not always accurate