Re: Very Slow Browser , Help!

Hi everyone, for the past few mounths my Inernet Explorer has been
preforming very slow lately, somtimes it will just fail to load the page
entirely, somtimes it will load the page but not the Ads on the side. I
have tried Google Chrome and Firefox just to see if the error contiuned,
it was worse in firefox and about the same in Google Chrome.

I have googled my probelm but with no Avail

I am running Uni Blue Speed up my PC, registry Booster, Driver Scaner.
My Virus Protection is Norton 2008, it is updated and i scaned i found

Any one have a fix for this Really Annoying Problem

Please Reply if any one has a fix or knowlage of this problem

As already noted, dump the registry cleaner/booster. I don't know about UniBlue Speedup, but you could stop using it as well temporarily.

Reduce the size of the IE cache to 50 megabytes or less, and empty the cache (temporary internet files). You can also run "disk cleanup" to empty other kinds of temp files. Better still is download Ccleaner and use it to remove temp files, including backups of Microsoft security updates to free up disk space. After all of the above defrag the hard drive.

Install Winpatrol so you can view all of the items that are auto-starting and also the IE BHO's (toolbars and other plugins). Disable all unnecessary startup items and remove unneeded toolbars and plugins.

All of the above assumes that the problem is related to lack of maintenance, but it could also be caused by malware. Use MBAM and/or SuperAntiSpyware and make sure the system is clean (they are free of personal use).