Re: APPCRASH - OLE32.DLL fault module

You might try selective startup without loading startup items and disabling antivirus and other security programs to see if a software conflict is involved. Otherwise, I'm out of ideas. Have you tried posting this in the Internet Explorer news group?

"stocktiki" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:fa63e22d67b484ed15270989cdd42374@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for the suggestion, but the problem persists.

The IE walkthrough encouraged me to run IE with no add-ons (which I
have done) and also to run malware detection (which I've done a few
times using products from different vendors).

I'm starting to wonder if the OLE32.DLL APPCRASH in IE has anything to
do with the fact that I frequently use Microsoft's Office Outlook Web

Running out of ideas. . . any other suggestions?