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2GB of ram is fine for x64 though the chief reason many use for installing it is to use more than 4GB. How much you should have depends largely on your use of the system. Gamers frequently find 4GB to be a sweet spot, and users of autocad and video editing software can often take advantage of more. Keep in mind though that memory at addresses above the 4GB mark cannot be used by 32 bit applications, so unless yours are designed to take advantage of x64 there's not much point to installing more than that amount.

That said, wait until after you install x64 to add the additional memory (and it's a clean install, there is no upgrade path from 32 to 64 bit). The reason being that there is a timing issue when all 4 ram slots are in use during an x64 setup (it's not the amount of ram, but rather the number of installed sticks that is the problem). Once installed, the timing is no longer a problem.

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Hello guyz !

I have ..

core 2 quad Q6600
DG33FBC borad
2 gb ddr 2 ram
160 gb hddsk

i hve installed vista ultimate 32 bit and its working fine, but now i
want to install vista 64 bit. can anyone please tell me should i upgrade
my ram to 4 gb bcz i have read some problemz above regarding 4gb ram
slow downs the vista. and i hve heard for playing gamez on vista it
requires to upgrade ram atleast to 4gb. pleaze help !!

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