Re: How to increase the File System Caching Memory?

totalz;916362 Wrote:
MilesAhead;916293 Wrote:
totalz;915591 Wrote:
I have 6GB of ram, and Vista hardly utilize most of it. So I would like
to increase the file system cache to delay consecutive disk writes to
extend hdd life.

From the software "Vista Manager", I see the option to set the exact
size for file system cache. As this software seems very buggy, so I'm
would like to do that manually.> > > >

This is the only method I'm aware of:

at an admin command prompt enter:

fsutil behavior set memoryusage 2> >

Oh, already knew this one, and it is only for NTFSMemUsage. I want
one for the whole file system.

Then you'll probably have to buy a disk caching software. Try google.


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