Re: Help and support page displays no icons

This happens if the "Content Type" setting for .PNG file types is broken.
Download a REG file from Daniel Martin's site here:

Download and save it to Desktop. Right-click on the file and choose Merge.

If that does not help, see here for a another fix.

Pages in Windows Vista Help and Support are not displayed correctly:


Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Shell/User]
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"Robert" <Rsimcihc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Dell Inspron 518 with Vista home prem.
My Help and support pages are missing some icons but not all of them. The
pages display correctly and where the icon is missing there is print to
show the link and the link works fine. This is not much of a concern but
a little cheep looking! I read HTML script, and looked at the source
code, and, the src. for the icons, and they seem to be there? But not all
the icon's display on the page? I have done many system checks, file
checker, (FSC) with Vista install disk, System Diagnostics Report, disk
check with, fix file, and find bad sectors, all comes out peachy clean!
If anyone wants to view the first page of my help and support to see what
I am talking about go to this sight; its my windows live and it will take
you right to the pics.

after viewing you will know what I mean. But keep in mind all works in my
Help and Support and this is just cosmetic, but for me its just not nice
to look at, i.e. , cheep looking! This is not Win95! :(

Also if you want the source code for the page let me know. Thanks