Re: Vista won't connect internet though router

It looks like the early CNIG-914's had DNS issues. Can you tell if
yours is a 914(A), (B), (C), or (D)?

Another thing - this forum's posts appear in a larger forum, to which a
response was posted that is not reflected here in this forum. In case
you are not watching the larger forum, I am going to repost a response
from Jane C. My apologies to the folks on the larger forum that will
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Hello cvan,

First of all, visit this page:


Your router, especially if it is an older model, may not support some
Vista's networking capabilities. There is a link on that page to
and run a utility that will test your router to see if it is compatible


If running the tool points to your router as being the problem, then
time for a new one.

Do all of your 'computers'
get their LAN IP addresses from the DHCP 'server'
the router? Are they all set up to obtain their IP addresses

Jane, not plain [image:]
64 bit enabled [image:]

Batteries not included. Braincell on vacation [image:]

MVP - Windows 'Desktop'