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Thanks John..... I remember reading that a while ago when I wasn't concerned about all the space the restore is using. I just wish they had a nice slider like in Windows XP to change the amount of space to use in system restore. But that's ok, I will just use the Command Prompt if I ever feel the need to. Again Thanks! ....Rob :)

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System restore creates restore points on the 'individual' disks it monitors, not all on the same disk. You can however reduce the default space it takes up. See this link from my website:

If your system is running fine, you could also turn off system restore to remove the restore points and then turn in on again and create a new restore point. This will get rid of some of the older restore points. But remember the restore point is equal to the amount of data on your hard drive, so if you have 20GB of data (including windows, software applications, etc) your restore points are going to also be 20GB, consequently the allocated space is soon taken up again. As new system restore points are made older ones get deleted depending upon how much allocated space is left on your hard drive.


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Hi all, I have Vista Prem. on my new Dell Inspron 518 and a 650GB hard
drive. Dell ships with a partition for Recovery, installed on the drive.

I was just wondering as I checked the space used for System Restore; it
showed 82GB used space with 87GB reserved space for System Restore. I read
all about System Restore for Vista and this seems right, percentage wise,
for the size of the drive I have. Just seems like a lot of space? But what I
want to know is, if System Restore is counting the Recovery partition? My
instinct tells me its not? But I would like some input from any one who
really knows? Thank you. .....Rob

It's not.

If you would like to reduce the reserved size...

Richie Hardwick