Re: Vista system restore "hog"

"Robert" <Rsimcihc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all, I have Vista Prem. on my new Dell Inspron 518 and a 650GB hard
drive. Dell ships with a partition for Recovery, installed on the drive.

I was just wondering as I checked the space used for System Restore; it
showed 82GB used space with 87GB reserved space for System Restore. I read
all about System Restore for Vista and this seems right, percentage wise,
for the size of the drive I have. Just seems like a lot of space? But what I
want to know is, if System Restore is counting the Recovery partition? My
instinct tells me its not? But I would like some input from any one who
really knows? Thank you. .....Rob

It's not.

If you would like to reduce the reserved size...

Richie Hardwick