Monitor won't sleep after INITIAL only time lapse

All worked well until I upgraded to the 9500GT 512 mb Nvidia card and latest nvida drivers. No problems with card or software install (other than a quick message about hibernation not working or something similar). All power option checked and rechecked and also advanced power settings checked and rechecked. Have re-installed monitor and updated Nvidia software since initial install and also tried a second DVI port on the card. No help.

The monitor error box stays on at the initial 'sleep stage' saying "no power connection. check for loose cables, etc." If I immediately cut the power off to the monitor, then on again it detects the sleep stage and immediately goes into that state and awakes properly on the movement of the mouse or keyboard. An annoyance or screen burn issue if I forget to cut power to monitor when I finish. Finger pointing is the name of the game when I call Nvidia and LG (monitor)

Anyone of you experts have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Vista 32bit w/SP1
XPS 410
LG 28" HG281D Monitor
4GB memory


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