Ok OneCare is being replaced by Morro which is free. This makes me ask two

1. Will it be bundled with Windows 7?

2. Will it replace Windows Defender? IMO it should, it should be a small
basic program like Defender but cover more threats...

Does any one else know much more about it?

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  • Re: Security
    ... Windows Live OneCare is useless and always has been useless. ... Windows defender is a spyware application 'not' anti virus; you still need anti virus software on your machine because you are not protected. ...
  • Re: Windows Live OneCare
    ... When I installed LiveOneCare on Vista it did not suggest disabling Windows Defender or Windows Firewall so I left them both running. ... OneCare will do the antivirus scanning and real time protection that Norton ...
  • Re: multiple windows opening
    ... After uninstalling, one must download/run a removal tool to rid the machines of the "leftovers" and then reboot, preferably *before* installing another anti-virus application or security suite (e.g., OneCare). ... run Windows Update manually to make sure the machine's fully patched. ... Windows Firewall and Defender on its own. ... I have had windows live one care from the first setup of this laptop. ...
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    ... Isn't this Live OneCare compatible with Windows XP ... Managing the Windows Vista Firewall ...
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    ... When did you install the OneCare free-trial? ... OneCare includes its own firewall so you don't want the Windows Firewall enabled, ...