Re: Plz help!!!!

King Toobz <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I recently downloaded CCcleaner in order to get rid of a nasty ad trojan
that had infected my system. I guess auslogics registry cleaner was
installed also.

You GUESS? Don't you KNOW what you are downloading and installing?
Auslogics isn't packaged with CCleaner.

When I shut down my comp, the registry cleaner became
active but it seemed like a windows maintenance program. When it
started again, the registry cleaner window said it improved performance
by 6% but now all the cool visual features of Vista are gone. The
windows do not have transparent borders and it seems like the interface
has reverted to windows 98. This is s**t and I can't figure out how to
restore the stock settings:( Can someone plz tell me how to get all the
visuals back??? I have since uninstalled that bs program.....

Do a System Restore that will take you back to a point prior to the
troubles beginning.

And - in case you haven't figured it out on your own - DON'T PLAY WITH

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