Re: What does "Adaptive display" power setting do?

Colin, I have found pretty much the same info. What I can make of it is
that "Adaptive display" changes the display's power saving for specific
moments and others relatively close.
i.e. I'm studding an architectural design for a long time. Then the
screen turns off, but I'm still reading the same plans. So, I move the
mouse a little, the screen comes back on. Now, the computer thinks,
"Hey, he's really is still there. I'll give him an arbitrary amount of
more minutes on top of the predefined minutes in the 'Turn off display
after' setting."
From now until the next time the screen turns off is "Turn off display"
+ "arbitrary value" minutes. For every time this repeats, the computer
adds more minutes until I don't move the mouse. Then the computer gets
to think, "Good, he's gone. Now I can take over the world!"

OK, maybe that last part doesn't happen and it just resets to "Turn off
display"'s value, but hopefully you get it. ;)
What the random amount of time actually is, we'll never know until
someone -trial and error- figures it out, or Microsoft talks. That last
part makes me sad, because, I too, wish most of this stuff was annotated
with actual definitions.


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