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I recently built myself a PC and installed Vista on it. Everything
worked fine. Then i ended up doing a full re-format and re-install. Ever
since then Vista has been hanging at boot.
Before the loading bar would come and go and then the vista symbol
would pop up make the boot noise and i could log in, this all took under
30 seconds.
Now it hangs on a black screen after the loading bar, my monitor loses
signal (it goes to sleep) and then my mouse and keyboard flash and the
monitor comes back on showing a cursor, before turning to the vista
symbol and i log in again fine. This all takes about 1-2 minutes.
I've checked the event viewer log and it comes up with multiple event
id: 100 and 101. It says something is causing Vista to boot slow, i have
no idea what this could be as my configuration is the same. It seems
like the PC is searching for something or trying to perform an operation
which eventually times out and the boot continues as normal.
Any ideas?

Specs: Vista Home 64 bit, Core2Duo E8400, 4GB RAM, MSI4850, GA-EP45-DSR


Go to Device Manager in Control panel and look to see if there are any driver problems..

Download and run SIW..

Pick the 'installer' version'..

This program will tell you make and model of the various internal devices, and you will then be able to go to the respective manufacturer websites for latest drivers..

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