vista not displaying problem and reports control panel

Anyone help as I do not want to do a full re-install if I dont need to.

When using my main/admin account, I cannot display the problem and
reports control panel (wercon.exe). The UAC panel comes up, after
pressing continue, nothing happens. If I use another account on the
laptop then it does displays it.

I cant find an error message anywhere to help me. I have checked
services, and its set to started/AUTO. I did notice in the perfmon (I
think) that it said the wercon.exe was stopped, but no idea how to
restart from there. I checked services again and it still showed
started. I tried a system restore x 3 but to no avail. I am now passed
my technical knowledge, can anyone help please.

Running Vista 32 Home premium SP1
Norton Protection Centre
Windows Defender

Thanks for your co-operation